Sunday, January 06, 2013

Winter Reading Programs for All Ages

Even though we're now well into winter we have books for all seasons, which coincidentally is the theme of our 2013 Adult and YA Winter Reading Program! As in the past, adults need to read 6 books in order to complete the program. You'll get a prize for signing up, a prize for completing, movie coupons for each book that you finish and a chance to win a weekly drawing. We even provide lots of reading lists to help you choose! YAs (grades 6 - 12) only need to read 3 books in order to win a paperback of their choice. The Winter Reading Program runs through March 1st but if you show up between 9 am and noon on January 12th - the program's kickoff day - then we'll also be handing out treats! The YA program is already running so YAs should come by and sign up whenever they can.

January 12th is also the kickoff for the Family Winter Reading Program. In this program, the whole family can contribute to the family's winter reading goal. To celebrate, we'll be hosting entertainer Chris Fascione at 2:00. Come to the children's department to sign up!